Information About Director-General Of Police (DGP)


Information About Director-General Of Police (DGP)
Information About Director-General Of Police (DGP) 

Information About DGP (Director-General Of Police)

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What Is DGP (Director-General of Police)

The post of DGP (Director-General of Police) is a very big pot in the police department, only an IPS person is eligible for this post. Hence it is a respected post in the police department. A DGP (Director-General of Police) has many powers in his area, by exercising his powers, he looks after the law and order of his area. DGP is called (Director-General of Police) in English. This is the last and top post of the police department, in this department there is no bigger post than DGP (Director-General of Police). Each state has only 1 or at most 4 such posts. All DGPs are officers of the Indian Police Service (IPS). If you also want to do a job as DGP (Director-General of Police) in the Police Department, then here are what is DGP, how to become DGP, the salary of DGP, qualification of DGP, what is the full form of DGP, what are the functions of DGP. Information is being given about.

DGP Full Form

The full form of DGP in English is 'Director-General of Police', it is pronounced 'Director-General of Police'. DGP is called the 'Director-General of Police' in English. This is the largest police department officer of any state, which is selected by the Indian Police Service (IPS) examination, non-IPS cannot be appointed to this post. It enjoys the status of a cabinet minister in the state.

How To Become DGP

Becoming a DGP (Director-General of Police) is not an easy task, to get this post is attained only after passing through hard work and tough examinations. This post is one of the highest posts in the police department, for which it is necessary to pass the IPS exam.

How To Get A Post

First, you are appointed to the post of “Deputy Superintendent of Police” (DSP), after that you have to work on the post of Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), then you have to handle the post of Superintendent of Police (SP), after that Senior Superintendent of Police ( SSP) is deployed. After this, you will be appointed as Inspector General of Police (DIGP). Now you will become Inspector General of Police (IGP), after that the post of Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) is assigned, then now finally you are appointed to the post of Director General of Police (DGP) i.e. DGP, this last post of Police Department. happens | That's why this post is not easy, you will be able to get this post only after working very hard.

Exam For DGP

To become a Director-General of Police (DGP), you have to appear in the Civil Services examination conducted by UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission, if you pass this examination then you become an IPS officer and then after promotion. You will be able to reach the post of DGP i.e. Director-General of Police (DGP)

Qualification Of DGP

To give UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission exam, the candidate must have at least a graduate pass, if your educational qualification is less then you will not be able to apply for this post.

Age Limit For DGP

The age limit for the Director-General of Police (DGP) post-exam has been fixed from 21 years to 32 years. Relaxation is given to the reserved category as per rules.

Salary Of DGP

Since the 7th Pay Commission, the salary of the Director-General of Police (DGP) is provided up to Rs 56,100 – 2,25,000 + Grade Pay per month. 

Works Of DGP

The main function of the Director-General of Police (DGP) is to maintain peace and order in the state in which the posting is done. Law and order have to be kept under control in all the districts of the state. Together with the state government in the state, the work of the state has to be carried forward. Along with keeping the entire police department of the state under his control, the responsibility of district-wise management of police personnel is done according to the Director-General of Police (DGP).

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