How To Speed ​​Post Tracking, Money Order Tracking

How To Speed ​​Post Tracking, Money Order Tracking
How To Speed ​​Post Tracking, Money Order Tracking

How To Speed ​​Post Tracking, Money Order Tracking

How to do Speed ​​Post and Money Order Tracking Information At present, very new facilities have been started by the Indian Postal Service, today more than 1,50,000 post offices of Indian Post have been opened in India.

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Indian Postal Service is using new modern technology to deliver its registered post, speed post, and parcel to its customers, but speed post, money order, parcel, etc. sent by the post office do not reach on time, which can be traced. For this we can do speed post tracking, but how to do this tracking, what is its process? We are telling you about this in detail on this page.

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How To Do Speed ​​Post, Money Order Tracking


Speed ​​post service was started on August 1, 1986, under this service the delivery of letters, money orders, documents, and parcels is done within a specified period, and if the delivery is not done within the period, the postage fee is fully paid to the customer. is returned.

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Speed ​​Post Network comprising of 163 National and 953 State Speed ​​Post Centers, the service is available in 97 countries in the international arena.

Internet-based track and trace service Speed ​​Net was launched on 3rd January 2002, providing tracking facility to the customers for speed posted items, it helps the management to know about the quality of service, business function, customer service, etc. Presently this facility is being provided in 315 National Speed ​​Post Centers and 857 State Speed ​​Centers.

Mostly we send any parcel, money order, or any similar to your friend or any relative through speed post, then we get consignment number of speed post, and from that number, we send our sent about the product. At the same time, we can track our parcel, money order through that consignment number in this way.

Speed ​​Post, Money Order Tracking Steps

1. To track speed post, money order, first of all, you should know the consignment number of your parcel because without consignment number the parcel cannot be tracked

2. You have to first go to the official website of India Post or visit this link “

3. After opening this page, you have to enter your Tracking ID Consignment Number in a box below Track Your Mail Items and Money Order

4. Now you have to enter the Captcha Code

5. After that you have to follow all the steps and click on Go

6. After clicking, you will get all the information related to your speed post, money order, or parcel on the next page.

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