How To Become PCS, What Is PCS


How To Become PCS, What Is PCS
How To Become PCS, What Is PCS

How To Become PCS, What Is PCS

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What Is PCS

The full name of PCS is Provincial Civil Service, this exam is organized by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, after success in this exam, the candidate will be called SDM, DSP, ARTO, BDO, District Minority Officer, District High posts are received in various departments including Food Marketing Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Business Tax.

The present era is the competition era, and to get success in this competitive age, it is necessary for the candidate to get knowledge about the syllabus, pattern related to the exam, before appearing in the competitive exam, if you want to become a PCS officer. So, we are telling you about it in detail this page.

Educational Qualification To Become A PCS Officer

To appear in this examination, the candidate must have a graduation degree from a recognized university.

Age Limit

The age of the candidate appearing in the PCS examination must be between 21 years to 40 years, and the reserved category candidates will be given relaxation as per the rules.

Physical Measurement

PCS by State Public Service Commissions. In the examination, for some special posts (Deputy Superintendent of Police, Superintendent Prison, etc.), the physical criteria (generally 165-167 cm in length) and for some special posts, such as statistical officer, basic education officer, account officer, etc., determine the special educational qualification. Has been done.

PCS Exam Syllabus

There are three stages in the UPPSC exam-

(1) Preliminary Examination

(2) Main Examination

(3) Interview

Preliminary Examination

PCS Preliminary Exam Syllabus has been amended, till now there used to be two papers of 200-200 marks of General Studies, now 4 papers of 200-200 marks will come, that is, General Studies will be of 800 marks, in Hindi and Essay paper. No modification has been done, the number 150-150 will remain as before. Till now there were two papers of 200-200 marks in both the subjects under optional subjects, after amendment, now there will be only one optional subject, only two papers of 200-200 marks of the optional subject will remain, medicine in optional subjects Science is included.

Question Paper-1: General Studies Exam Syllabus (GS Syllabus)

Current events of national and international importance The candidates appearing in this exam need to have a good knowledge of the current events of national and international importance, the questions asked in the PCS Preliminary Examination are mostly asked about the developments of the Central Government and the Government of Uttar Pradesh, its Additional candidates are required to keep abreast of the events of the last 2-3 months like important dates, awards, sports, books, and authors, paying special attention to the complete details related to the events like date, place, name, etc.

i). Ancient India

It is necessary to have proper information about the various civilizations of India and the periodic division of ancient India and the gradual development of the history of India, along with proper information about the division in Indian society and its impact on the lives of common people.

ii) Medieval India

Under Medieval India, candidates will get information related to the tripartite struggle, such as the establishment of the East India Company's state in India, the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal period, various architectural and cultural developments in India.

iii) Indian religious movement

Bhakti and religious movements gave birth to new sects under established religions Hinduism and Islam and influenced the society, it is necessary to have complete knowledge related to the teachings and philosophy of the fathers of such movements in India.

iv) Modern India

Under this, it is necessary to have information related to the decline of the Mughal Empire and the rise of European powers in India, studying the various land reforms adopted during the colonial rule in India.

v) Indian National Movement

It is necessary to have general knowledge about the role of prominent people under the first freedom struggle of 1857, the nature and character of the national movement, the rise of nationalism, and the attainment of independence.

India and World Geography- Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World

i) World Geography

Under-world geography, it is necessary for the candidates to have knowledge of the world's largest, highest, longest, deepest mountains, rivers, waterfalls, seas, and other physical features of the world.

ii) Indian Geography

Under Indian Geography, there should be information about the Indian climate, rivers, mountains, land, plains, the questions of Indian geography will be related to the physical, social, and economic geography of India.

iii). Indian Polity and Administration-Constitution

Questions related to Indian polity are asked questions related to the political system of the country as well as Panchayati Raj and community development and broader scenario of Indian politics, along with the division of powers between the central and state governments, the role of the executive and the judiciary. Ask questions related to the division of powers between the Supreme Court and the High Courts and the appointments and conditions of the Governors of the States is going.

Question Paper-2: General Studies-2

  • General Comprehension

  • communication skills and interpersonal skills

  • Reasoning and analytical ability

  • Decision making and problem-solving

  • general mental ability

  • Elementary Mathematics up to class X level - Arithmetic, Algebra,

  • Geometry, and Statistics


Under this, natural numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers, real numbers, divisors of integers, prime integers, LSP of integers. And M.S.P. and their interrelationship, average, ratio, and proportion, percentage, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, work and time, speed, time, and distance.


Factors of Polynomials, LSP. and M.S.P. and their interrelationship, Remainder theorem, quadratic equations, subsets, co-sets of a set, functions, etc.


Theorems related to triangle, rectangle, square, non-parallel triangle and questions related to circumference and area of the ​​circle, sphere, cube, right circular cylinder, area of a ​​cone, and area measurement.


Data collection, Classification of data, Frequency, Frequency of distribution, Tabulation, Cumulative frequency, Display of data-bar diagram, Pie chart, Histogram, Polygon frequency, Cumulative frequency curve, Arithmetic mean, Median, Iteration, etc.

General English Up To 10th Level

  • Rationality

  • Adverb and verb

  • Syntax

  • Sentence Conversion

  • Direct Statement And Indirect Statement

  • Punctuation And Spelling

  • Word Meaning

  • Dictionary And Its Use

  • Idioms And Phrases

  • Blank Space

Main Examination


150 marks


150 marks

General Studies 1

200 marks

General Studies 2

200 marks

General Studies 3

200 marks

General Studies 4

200 marks

Optional Subject Paper 1

200 marks

Optional Subject Paper 2

200 marks


In the PCS examination of the Public Service Commission, instead of 200 marks, the interview has been replaced with 100 marks, your thoughts on a subject, your ability to take decisions in adverse situations, and your leadership ability is tested in the interview, you have to be aware of what is happening in the present. Must have information related to the events and should be clear in mind that why they want to come in this service, in the interview there is a test of the personality of the candidates, in which questions related to your resume and general knowledge are asked, so the candidates should During the interview one should maintain self-confidence and answer the questions directly.

Salary Of PCS Officer

PCS officer gets Rs 15600 to 67000 as salary, in addition to this, government buildings, vehicles, and employees are available for residence.

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