Area Codes For PAN Card: How to Find Yours and Why You Need One

Area Codes For PAN Card: How to Find Yours and Why You Need One
Area Codes For PAN Card: How to Find Yours and Why You Need One


Area Codes For PAN Card: How to Find Yours and Why You Need One

ao code, Applicants for PAN are required to provide the AO code in their application. This information can be obtained from the Income Tax Office.

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What is an AO Code?

The format of an AO code is as follows: PAN [category number] AO-Code(s) [category number] Unique number of applicant CEN [category number] CEN [category number] Unique number of applicant The Unique ID of applicant should have CEN or AO-Code or both. Application for PAN card is taken up by Income Tax Department after the application has been made by the client company to the concerned I-T department. In India, PAN card is an important document and is issued by the Income Tax Department to every individual for PAN based transaction. Thus it is compulsory to obtain PAN card with all transactions or businesses, which are covered under it. It is important to note that it is only beneficial to obtain PAN card in the respective PAN number category.

How to Find Your AO Code

The Income Tax Department of India has a webpage that provides details about AO code or Income Taxpayer Number. In case, you don't have your AO number on the Income Tax Website, visit the AO number page at  to get it. If you're a NRI and are required to have AO number to link PAN with bank accounts and other financial accounts you must have it before March 31, 2017. The government plans to introduce two more new tax rules, TDS and TCS from this fiscal. TDS stands for Tax Deduction at Source, and TCS is TDS on deposit by banks. TDS will be applicable on income from bank account, insurance policy, shares, mutual funds etc. Make sure to fill the form online with correct personal details.

Why You Need an AO Code

An AO Code is required for all PAN applications When You Get Your AO Code When an applicant applies for PAN and submits an application, then he will get an AO Code from the Income Tax Department. For various reasons, it is also vital that an applicant get an AO Code right away. At that point of time, this is the only official way to keep track of the PAN. When you get an AO Code from the Income Tax Department, it is also important to make a copy of it. You should have a copy of the AO code in your possession because it will be important to keep in mind if you make a PAN application or change the AO code. If you need to update your AO code, then you can get one from the Income Tax Department. You can also get an AO Code online, by visiting the Income Tax Department's official website.


With the stringent rules in place for obtaining PAN Card, applicants should use caution when filing the application form. It is not required that the PAN application be filed immediately at the time of filing the income tax returns. It is advisable to take an appointment with the PAN Officer, to explain the facts to him/her before filing the application. It is also advisable to inform the person whose name is appearing in the PAN card of any change in address, such as marriage or transfer of residence in the PAN card application form. As an alternative, you may also apply for the 3F form which is exempted from filing the application for PAN Card.

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