What is PWD, PWD Kya Hota Hai, पीडब्ल्यूडी क्या है

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What is PWD, PWD Kya Hota Hai, पीडब्ल्यूडी क्या है
What is PWD, PWD Kya Hota Hai, पीडब्ल्यूडी क्या है

Public Works Department (PWD) 


What is PWD, PWD Kya Hota Hai, पीडब्ल्यूडी क्या है

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    For the development of each state, its functions are divided into many departments, one of these departments is PWD. Roads, buildings, bridges, etc. are constructed by this department. PWD works at the state level. PWD also prohibits illegal construction works, this department also does the repair work of schools, hospitals, pwd full form in Hindi, pwd category a b c d e means in Hindi, pwd candidate meaning in English, pwd certificate meaning in Hindi, pwd means, pwd full form in education, tell the full form of pwd, etc. Information about PWD is being given on this page.

What is PWD? पीडब्ल्यूडी क्या है?

    This is a government organization, this department is a complete government department whose work is to make roads, building buildings, bridge construction, etc. in cities. This department works to make available such resources. PWD also prevents illegal construction.

Full Form Of PWD? पीडब्ल्यूडी का फुल फॉर्म

    The full form of PWD is Public Works Department (लोक निर्माण विभाग), it is called PWD in short. It is also called Public Works Department in English & Hindi.

Work Of PWD | पीडब्ल्यूडी का कार्य

    PWD completes many works, all these works are government, it includes the repair of roads, buildings, water facilities, schools, hospitals, etc. The main functions are as follows-

  • Government Building

  • Road Construction

  • Building Bridges

  • Drinking-Water System

  • Stop Illegal Construction

  1. To Arrange Drinking Water | पीने के पानी की व्यवस्था करना

    The PWD department provides pure water to all the areas of the city. This department also repairs if the water pipeline bursts at any place.

  1. Construction Of Government Buildings | सरकारी भवनों का निर्माण

    This department constructs government buildings anywhere in the city as per government orders. All government offices come in this.

  1. Building A Road | सड़क का निर्माण

    All the roads inside the city are constructed by this department, apart from this it also repairs the broken roads.

  1. Building Bridges | पुलों का निर्माण

    The PWD department builds all the bridges as per requirement coming in its area, if any bridge gets an accident, it also repairs it.

  1. Stop Illegal Construction | अवैध निर्माण रोकना 

    WD also prohibits illegal construction works

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People Also Ask

Q: What is PWD Department?

Ans: It is also called Public Works Department in Hindi, it is a government department and its main work is to do work like road construction, building construction, construction of bridges, etc.

Q: What is the full form of PWD?

Ans: The full form of PWD is Public Works Department. The full form of PWD in Hindi is Public Works Department.

Q: What does the Public Works Department do?

Ans: PWD is a government department, which works under the state government. Public Works Department (PWD) undertakes construction of government buildings, road construction, drinking water system, construction of bridges, construction, and repair of government hospitals and government schools, etc.

Q: When was PWD established?

Ans: Chief Engineer of the department Dinesh Kumar said that after the establishment of PWD in 1961, PWD had built the first flyover near ITO on Ring Road in 1981.

Q: What is the salary of PWD?

Ans: The monthly salary of PWD officers ranges from Rs 35,400 – 1,12,400. With this, all such facilities and allowances are available which are given to government employees.

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