What Is Internet, Definition Of Internet, इंटरनेट क्या है?

What Is Internet? -Definition Of Internet
What Is Internet? -Definition Of Internet


What Is Internet? -Definition Of Internet, इंटरनेट क्या है?

“Internet” and computer are two such mediums of this era, which have made the whole world like a family so that whenever we want, we can connect and talk and find our information.

It’s a very large network of "interconnected networks" and together they use "standardized communication protocols" to stay connected with each other. The network is called "media" or "Transmission media" in this language of the "Internet".

Are you also often curious about this thing and think that what is the Internet after all, "What is Internet in Hindi", who is its owner and who invented it?

So in this post, we are going to know all those things related to it which can be very important for you.

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What Is Internet? Definition Of Internet

"Internet" is actually a "global wide-area network" that connects "computer systems" around the world. It consists ence of many "high-bandwidth data lines" which are called the "backbone" of the Internet.

If we say in another language then. "Internet" is such a network of many "Networks" that connects computers all over the world to each other and exchanges networks in computers around the world.

Who Invented The Internet?

The Internet was invented by (Bob Kahn) and (Wint Cerf) in 1969.

History Of Internet

It is the first time, a project named "Advanced Research Projects Agency Network" (ARPANET) was started for the Internet. This is developed by the American Defense Department in 1969 AD.

In this "1969" (ARPANET) was part of America's "Department of Defense".

(ARPANET) was created to secretly send messages to anyone in the middle of a war.

By the decade of 1972, it was connected to 23 nodes of the world and different countries of the world. Meanwhile, "Retanolines" sent the "E-mail" message for the first time.

When Was The Internet Started In India?

The Internet was first launched in India on 14 August 1995, at that time by "Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited" (VSNL). And it was first used on 15 August 1995.

What Is Internet? -Definition Of Internet
What Is Internet?

Full-Form Of Internet

Friends, if you would think that "What is the internet" then let me tell you that Internet is an English word, "Full Form of the Internet" and "What is the Internet" then I would say that both mean the same are "Inter-Connected-Network"

What Are The Types Of the Internet?

Internet is a "Public Network" which can be used by any person, but do you know how many types of the Internet are there? Let us tell you today how many types of internet are there.

1. Intranet: -

"Intranet" is a "private network", "Intranet" is also a network like the Internet.

It interconnects all of its (workstations and computers) by anyone (organization and company), and access keeps all of its (files and folders) within a "private network". So that the company's data is safe and secure.

2. Extranet (Global Network) -

"Extranet (Global Network)" is a "public network" that can be used by anyone.

Which, by establishing a connection, provides internet to many different computers. Which connects one place to another with the help of the public internet and allows sharing of data among themselves.

Which it needs (user id and password) to do it.

How Does The Internet Work

Computers in the "Internet" are connected to each other through small "networks". Whereas these are "networks connected" with "Internet Backbone" via "gateways".

Whereas all "Computers" communicate with each other over the Internet (through TCP/IP), which is a Basic Protocol (i.e set of rules) of "Internet".

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) manages all the "transmissions" happening in the "Internet", no matter what it is (data/file/document), but they have to do that (data) /file/documents) has to be broken down into smaller parts called "packets" or "datagrams".

In this each "packet" contains "address part" of "actual data", i.e (addresses of destination) and source

Functions of TCP and IP

1. The job of "TCP" is that it breaks the "messages" into small packets that are "transmitted to the Internet" and then later they are also "re-assembled". packets" in "original message" which is "received" by "internet".

2. The function of "IP" is that it handles the "address part" of each part so that the data can be sent to the correct address. Each "gateway network" checks this address to see where the message is being "forwarded".

Advantages/Utility of Internet

1. In The Field Of Education:-

If we see the importance of the Internet in the field of education, then today it has increased a lot. Today schools have started starting online classes and children have also started studying online.

The biggest advantage in online studies is that children can read anytime and through this, they also understand quickly because –

In today's time, many Online Learning Platforms have also come where Best Teachers are teaching children such as –

Platforms like Unacademic, Byjuice, and Vedanta are doing a great job in online education.

2. In The Field Of Banking:-

In today's time, you must have seen how much importance is being given to online transactions. Today all types of big Banking Related Transactions are done online only.

Because it is easy to keep an eye on them in Online Transactions and if there is any mistake then

It also becomes easier to catch him. Even the government advises everyone to do online transactions so that

If your money ever goes to someone else by mistake, then you can get it back, the government has also launched a platform like UPI for small and secure transactions.

Where you can buy goods from any shop and make payment directly from your bank through UPI so that you will not always have to walk in the market with more cash.


3. Job Area:-

Today you can also search for jobs online if you want to work in any private or government sector.

You do not need to go to them and ask, rather you can do an online job search with the help of Online Job Requiting Websites.

Even now the Government has also made Relatable Websites from Jobs in its Area.

4. In Rural Areas:-

Internet is also being used to connect rural areas with the world.

In today's time, people are becoming aware even in the village and are using online payment mediums.

Even taking the help of the internet to learn new things

5. In Government Job Sector:-

Even if you want a government job, you do not need to go anywhere.

You can apply for government jobs online only with the help of the internet.

You just have to keep in mind that,

You have to get information about when and in which field the job has come out and you can also get this information very easily with the help of the internet.

In today's time, the forms of all Govt Jobs are being filled through the Internet, the biggest advantage in this is that

With the help of the internet, anyone can fill the form of that job at their own home and there is very little scope for mistake in it.

6. In The Field Of Tour And Traveling:-

With the help of the same online platform, you can book buses, book train tickets, and so on.

You can also book flight tickets sitting at home through the online internet.

Booking from the Internet also saves you money because many times you also get Discount Coupons there and

Time also matters. Along with this, you do not have to work too hard.

You can book the ticket of any person sitting anywhere through the Internet.

7. In The Field Of Business:-

In today's time, many businesses are flourishing through the Internet because most of their work is done quickly and easily through the Internet.

Today there are many businesses that are dependent only on the Internet, such as

Ecommerce business or providing any kind of online service, or it has become a business like blogging, even now the share market has shifted to a great extent on the online platform.

 Here too, traders are doing trading with the help of Online Software's and Platform, which has made them very easy to do their work.

8. In The Field Of National Security:-

Internet is being used not only in banking or business but also in national security.

In today's time, all kinds of things are controlled through the Internet.

For example, if you look at the satellite, then the help of the Internet is taken to control them.

Where data is sent wirelessly.

In today's time, communication is very important in security and that too in a secret way so that no one can trace the message sent.

That is why all the countries have made their own internet network for the security of their country.

so that no one can easily enter it because

There the documents related to the security of the country are kept and the security of those web servers is also done in a very different way. Which is dependent on the Internet itself.

9. In The Field Of Communication:-

The Internet has completely changed communication.

If seen in earlier times, the path of commutation used to be letter only. Which used to take a long time to reach from one side to the other.

And if there was any important news, it also could not reach at the right time.

Ever since communication has started with the help of the Internet. Since then, you can immediately send any kind of file or voice through your phone or laptop with the help of the Internet.

Today we first take the help of the internet to talk to any person.

Such as through WhatsApp or Email, Video Call or Voice calls. This has been possible only because of the Internet.

Loss Of Internet

If the Internet has some advantages, then its disadvantages are also many, so let's know about some of its disadvantages –

1. Through the Internet, many children do wrong things unknowingly, such as

Many times those people share such information by accessing the wrong website so that they may have to bear physical, mental, and financial losses.

2. Obscenity can also be spread very easily through the Internet. Due to which people also suffer a lot and especially if these things come in the eyes of small children, then it also has a very bad effect on their mentality.

3. With the help of the internet, Negativity can be spread very fast and in less time and

This is happening in today's time, due to which the government has also taken many strict steps to stop it. So that people can be saved from people spreading Negativity and Negativity.

4. Through the Internet, people are being cheated easily, due to which many people are falling prey in today's time.

Like, money is taken from them by showing them false advertisements, and later they are not given anything in return.

5. People's information is also stolen through the Internet. As in today's time, many such companies take the data of their users and use it for their own benefit. Which has been banned by our Indian government today.

6. Illegal activities are also easily done through the Internet.

7. Some people also do things like hacking through the Internet. As if just last year a computer virus had troubled everyone a lot.

And that Virus had also destroyed many databases and the people who had given the money demanded by them to the hackers.

His data was decrypted again by the hackers. And some have lost their money and their data too, that's why you should always be very careful on the Internet.

8. Crime like Cyber Bullying is also done with the help of the internet, due to which some people get into depression and even die.

Make Money From The Internet

In today's time, many people are earning money through the internet.

But if you do not know about how you can earn money from the internet, then let us tell you about some ways –

1. Blogging-

Blogging has become popular among many people in today's time. The reason for this is the changing attitude of the people towards the Internet. Everyone wants to earn good money and name in today's time. But the easier it is to start a blog, the more difficult it is to continue it.

Because here you have to face all kinds of difficulties. Many times, many people get frustrated and leave it too.

But if you keep doing this always and keep providing new information to your visitors, then you will definitely get success and you will start getting money from the blog very well.

2. Ecommerce Website-

You can also earn a lot of money by creating an e-commerce website. In today's time, many people come to sell their own products and sell them by creating an e-commerce website. And also work like drop shipping.

In today's time, there is a lot of online shopping and people like to do online shopping. The reason for this is that sometimes they are available at the same discount or at a cheaper price from the market. And their quality is also very good.

3. Service Website-

If you provide any kind of service like home cleaning or AC service or repair, then you can take booking through your website and it makes it easy for people to reach you. So that the number of your Reach and Consumer increases. And you also get profit in earning.

Trading- If you do trading or invest money in the share market, then you can earn money online by investing as well. But I would advise you that if you are new and want to invest in the share market, then, first of all, you must know about it. So that you do not have any kind of loss.

4. YouTube–

YouTube gives you fame along with money. If you become a popular creator on YouTube, then you not only earn through YouTube, but along with that you also get sponsorship through brands which increases your earning by 3 to 10 times.

And if you are a Gaming Creator then you also get Super Chat and Donation very well. The same Traveling Vloggers are called to explore big events and Hotels and Tourist Places. And in return, money and living food are all sponsored.

5. Affiliate Marketing-

Affiliate Marketing has become a part of all bloggers, YouTubers, Freelancers, and other types of online marketing today. Through this, today many people are making lakhs of rupees in a day.

If you do not know what is Affiliate Marketing, then let me tell you that products have to be promoted on Digital Platforms and when a person clicks through your link and buys the product, then you get some part of it as a commission. Get. Through which you earn.

6. Freelancing-

In Freelancing, you sell your service on a digital platform. For example, if you are a Graphic Designer or a Web Developer, then when someone hires you with the help of a Freelancing Platform. And he pays you money for his work.

In today's time, there are many such freelancing websites where you can earn by working online by creating your profile. Fiverr and Upwork are the two biggest freelancing websites that are the most trusted sites in today's time.

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Conclusion –What did we learn today?

The Internet has become the biggest need of everyone in today's time.

In today's time, people cannot live even a moment without the internet. And even if it is, then how every type of small and big work from banking is being done through the internet only.

Even if you have to order food or not. Internet is needed for that too.

If seen, the Internet has become our biggest need today. And in the coming time, without it, it will not be possible to move forward even for a moment.

As money is very important for everyone today, in the same way in the coming time, the internet will become the second important thing for everyone.

Here we have provided you information about the "What Is Internet", if any kind of question is coming to your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then ask through the comment box. We are waiting for your feedback & suggestions.

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