How To Print Aadhaar Card Online: An Easy Guide For Everyone

How To Print Aadhaar Card Online: An Easy Guide For Everyone
How To Print Aadhaar Card Online: An Easy Guide For Everyone


How To Print Aadhaar Card Online: An Easy Guide For Everyone

“adhar card print”, How to Print Aadhaar Card officially, Steps for Printing E-Aadhaar using VID, Read more to know the process to print Aadhaar Card

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How To Print Your Aadhaar Card Online

Here is an “adhar card print” step-by-step guide to print your Aadhaar card online for the first time using Aadhaar Virtual ID and Aadhaar Card. There is no need to visit the enrollment center or submit a printout. All you need is a laptop/smartphone/tablet with internet and an A4 size ink pad and printer. 

Step 1: Go to the UIDAI Website Visit the UIDAI's official website, Just Go and click on Aadhaar on the home page. Follow the instructions on the screen and click on Print Aadhaar. “adhar card print” The Aadhaar card will be Printed. 

Step 2: Enter the Aadhaar number On the Aadhaar card Print page, enter the 12-digit Aadhaar number and click on Send button. This will generate an OTP (one-time password) on your mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete the registration.

Steps For Printing E-Aadhaar Using VID

To Print and Print E-Aadhaar using VID is very easy. But there are “adhar card print” certain things that need to be considered before Printing E-Aadhaar using VID. Printing E-Aadhaar using VID was not compulsory as of now, however, this will be compulsory by the government from 1st March 2018. When this happens, anyone will need to Print it using VID. The process will be similar to Printing AADHAAR using “adhar card print” VID. The following are the things that you need to be careful and ensure to follow. 

  • 1. Is this website authentic? Before Printing E-Aadhaar using VID, one should verify the authenticity of the website by looking at the security and privacy of the site. Many of these sites have a poor reputation and are often run by “adhar card print” unscrupulous and unscrupulous websites.

Steps For Printing Aadhaar Card

First, you need to log on to the official site of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) – Official Website – the official site of UIDAI, 

  • click on the 'Printing E-Aadhaar' tab for “adhar card print”

  • Now click on the necessary 'Preliminary Registration Status' tab, 

  • enter your personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, email address, mobile number, and application password 

  • You need to do the same thing for the 'Pre-Compiling Online Data' and then click on the 'Continue Registration button and then click on 'Printing form' or you can click on 'Choose from Form' – depending on which option you want to choose for “adhar card print”

  • This will generate an email, and that's where you will have to enter the OTP (one-time-password) number that you received on your registered mobile number.

1. Log In To The UIDAI Website

  • Click on the Aadhaar Linking For Eligible Public Distribution Scheme beneficiaries and For “adhar card print” Disability Allowance.

  • You need to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and click the "Repair Option".

  •  If you click the "Repair Option", your Aadhaar number will be temporarily printed on the page for about 10 seconds.

  • You need to click the "Request correction" tab.

  • Now enter the name as it is on your Aadhaar card and click on the for “adhar card print” "Submit" Button.

  • After a while, you will receive an OTP on your mobile.

  • Type the OTP and click on the "Submit" button.

2. Click On "Print E-Aadhaar" And Provide Your Mobile Number

  • Click on "Accept" to access the "Get this e-Aadhaar Card" for “adhar card print” page 

  • Enter the following details in the form – "Mobile No. Your Date of Birth" 

  • Click "Get e-Aadhaar Card" “adhar card print”.

  • Take a printout of the same after 30 days of Advertising To make sure you get your printed Aadhaar Card within 30 days of your application, you can click on the "BECOME A CLIENT" button to register with Aadhaar Enrollment Service Centre (E-ASCA), the Official website of the UIDAI.

3. Enter The OTP In The Box To Verify Your Mobile Number

  • Enter your PAN, Aadhaar number, mobile number, and other details, and click on the generate document form UIDAI for “adhar card print”

  • A PDF file will be created for you and sent to your phone via SMS. Take a printout. However, in order to get your Aadhaar Card made offline, you can go to any Aadhaar Seva Kendras. “adhar card print” They will ask for your phone number and OTP. You will need to call the Aadhaar Seva Kendra to verify your details. To check your Aadhaar Status, you need to go to Aarathi to check your Aadhaar card status. This is a lot more secure and anonymous way to check your Aadhaar card status. However, be aware that once you have opted to receive your Aadhaar updates by SMS, the Aadhaar Seva Kendras will not be able to send updates to your phone.

4. You Will Then Receive An SMS With A Print Link, Which You Can Use To Access E-Aadhaar

Click Here To Check Your Unique Aadhaar Number Why Should You Take The First Step Towards Digitizing Your Life? “adhar card print” Digital India is not merely a propaganda or a gimmick to boost your appeal for the government; rather it is the answer to India’s quest for expanding the scope of it’s economy, as well as the aspirations of its population. Having said that, it is also in India’s self-interest to provide equal opportunity to everyone, as such, the government of India has taken the step to fulfill it’s citizens’ needs. The project of for “adhar card print” providing biometrics of the citizens will ensure that the government will be able to identify them in case of any kind of emergencies, like natural disasters.

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